Alleviating the pressure on police services across the UK through professional risk management of those in crisis or with mental health illness

Bridging the gap

Police resources remain under sustained pressure when it comes to responding to mental health-related incidents, diverting officers from their primary policing responsibilities. Offering our Right Care, Right Person response VICTOR serves as the bridge between policing and mental health needs.

Entrust VICTOR to support you in responding to and managing mental health-related incidents, allowing police officers to return to their front-line policing duties faster.

Benefits for the Police

  • Resource Efficiency:
    Minimise police attendance to non-life-threatening mental health incidents.
  • Focused Policing:
    Delegate mental health interventions to VICTOR, allowing police to concentrate on core public safety duties.
  • Streamlined Protocols:
    Efficiently manage Section 135 and 136 procedures, expediting mental health assessments and conserving police hours.

Benefits for the Individual

  • Avoiding Stigma:
    Eliminate the perception of criminalisation by minimising Police involvement in mental health incidents.
  • Safety First:
    State-of-the-art equipment and training ensure the individual’s safety, even in volatile situations.
  • Knowledgeable Professionals:
    VICTOR staff are specifically trained to handle mental health crises, ensuring an informed and empathetic approach.

With VICTOR as your partner, police services can confidently withdraw from attending mental health-related incidents without compromising the safety of individuals in crisis and the healthcare professionals assisting them.

When to call VICTOR

  • To aid police in responding to potential suicide incidents.
  • To assist Police in executing Section 135 warrants and removing individuals to places of safety.
  • To provide support for police following Section 136 detentions, assuming responsibility for the individual.
  • To aid in conducting welfare checks following calls of concern, facilitating proactive intervention.

Vital support for healthcare professionals and those in crisis with our urgent response to mental health-related incidents

Here’s how it works:

Step 1



Contact our call centre, who understand the challenges and risks you may be facing. They will dispatch a VICTOR team to your location and support you.

Step 2


a specialist response

Be reassured that you or your staff will be well supported. VICTOR will provide the appropriate intervention to manage the situation safely.

Step 3


all those involved

VICTOR will reduce the risk of harm or injury, Individuals in crisis or with acute mental illness will receive the specialist care they need.

We serve as your dedicated mental health response partners

We are..


VICTOR aligns with Police tactics important for ensuring safety in challenging and violent person situations.

All our staff are trained by approved College of Policing trainers and experts in crisis and suicide intervention protocols and practices. This expertise ensures an effective and appropriate response in every situation.


To manage risks in challenging and unpredictable circumstances, VICTOR is equipped with specialist protective wear and equipment.

VICTOR vehicles are designed to provide an urgent response to those in crisis or with acute mental illness, and to provide secure transport if required.


Our control room will dispatch VICTOR to you, quickly, when you need them and provide remote-incited support to teams on the ground. Intelligent reporting is provided via our powerful management software.

We’re trained, equipped and ready to Right Care, Right Person response to the needs of those in crisis across Greater London.