Supporting Ambulance Trusts: safe, specialised responses for mental health crises

Every health worker deserves protection from harm, and every patient in crisis deserves Right Care, Right Person response.

Ensuring safety in every mental health urgent and emergency call

NHS ambulance staff are often thrust into mental health emergencies without the specialist protection or training to manage the conflicts and physical risks they entail. This can have a significant impact on staff safety and hinders optimal patient care.


We stand shoulder to shoulder with ambulance staff, providing specialised support for these challenges, safeguarding staff and ensuring patients receive the Right Care, Right Person approach they need.

The benefits of partnering with VICTOR:

  • Specialised Mental Health Response:
    Boost the quality of support for individuals in crisis or experiencing mental illness, ensuring they receive specialist interventions.
  • Reduce assaults:
    In 2021, ambulance staff reported abuse or attacks every hour – on average. We aim to significantly reduce these incidents, creating a safer environment for staff and other individuals involved.
  • Resource Efficiency:
    With VICTOR responding to mental health situations, ambulance teams can optimise focus on responding to other critical medical emergencies.

When to call VICTOR

For immediate response to 999 Calls:
Teaming with Emergency Operation Control Centres, VICTOR is on standby to respond to mental health incidents. Our intervention can free emergency ambulances to return to clinical emergencies.

To support ambulance staff who feel threatened or under attack:
Should ambulance staff face threats or potential attacks, trained VICTOR personnel can promptly respond to the incident location and provide the necessary support.

We manage immediate risks, prioritising safety for all while ensuring the patient receives the essential care they need.

Vital support for healthcare professionals and those in crisis with our urgent response to mental health-related incidents

Here’s how it works:

Step 1



Contact our call centre, who understand the challenges and risks you may be facing. They will dispatch a VICTOR team to your location and support you.

Step 2


a specialist response

Be reassured that you or your staff will be well supported. VICTOR will provide the appropriate intervention to manage the situation safely.

Step 3


all those involved

VICTOR will reduce the risk of harm or injury, Individuals in crisis or with acute mental illness will receive the specialist care they need.

Your Partners in Mental Health Response

We are…


Each VICTOR team member is trained in mental health crisis management by College of Policing trainers and crisis intervention experts, ensuring swift de-escalation and safety for all.

We are…


To manage risks in challenging and unpredictable circumstances, VICTOR is equipped with specialist protective wear and equipment.

VICTOR vehicles are designed to provide an urgent response to those in crisis or with acute mental illness, and to provide secure transport if required.

We are…


With our remote-sited teams, support is despatched promptly. Intelligent reporting ensures you’re always updated on your call-out status

We’re ready to offer the Right Care, Right Person response to the needs of those in crisis across the UK.