Supporting NHS and private mental health hospitals: safe, specialised responses for mental health crises.

Because every health worker deserves safety from harm.

Creating a safer environment for psychiatric in-patient bedded facilities, assessment areas, and emergency departments

  • If your staff have to deal with violent or threatening behaviour caused by those experiencing a mental health crisis
  • If the strain of fear of attack is damaging staff morale
  • If your team have to respond to incidents without the appropriate PPE to keep them safe
  • If challenging incidents ever disrupt the therapeutic relationships between staff and patients

Then VICTOR is here to provide specialist support to your staff so that challenging mental health incidents can be dealt with safely minimising the risk of injuries.

When to call VICTOR

For emergency response:
Should your staff feel threatened or face attacks, our trained VICTOR teams are ready to intervene, manage risks and de-escalate the situation safely. All while ensuring the patient receives the essential care they need.

For planned response:
When patient interventions are likely to be met with levels of violence or aggression, such as moving a patient or needing to administer medication against their will.

VICTOR helps psychiatric wards create a safer environment where staff feel confident in their own safety.

Maximise safety, minimise disruption.

We relieve the pressure of front-line support for crisis intervention

Here’s how it works:

Step 1



Contact our call centre, who understand the challenges and risks you may be facing. They will dispatch a VICTOR team to your location and support you.

Step 2


a specialist response

Be reassured that you or your staff will be well supported. VICTOR will provide the appropriate intervention to manage the situation safely

Step 3


all those involved

VICTOR will reduce the risk of harm or injury, Individuals in crisis or with acute mental illness will receive the specialist care they need.