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Frequently Asked Questions

VICTOR stands for Violence Intervention and Crisis Threat Operational Response, and is designed to provide a rapid, expert, and compassionate response to situations involving people in crisis or acute mental health illness. Our team of highly trained professionals are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals in crisis while also supporting the professionals who serve them. We specialise in attending challenging incidents that may pose risks to individuals or others, such as violent behaviour within healthcare facilities, potential suicide situations, and various crisis threats. VICTOR aims to bridge the gap between policing and dedicated mental health expertise, reducing the need for police involvement in mental health-related incidents and ensuring that those in crisis receive the care they need promptly and safely.

Under the provisions of Section 137 of the Mental Health Act, VICTOR has all the powers, authorities, protection and privileges that a constable has. We are, therefore, able to detain, keep in custody or take a person to a place of safety as the case may be. 

You should call VICTOR when there’s an urgent or planned need related to a mental health incident. This includes situations requiring immediate intervention, like a person who is suicidal, in severe distress or exhibiting violent or unpredictable behaviour, and planned responses, such as enacting a Section 135 warrant or needing to administer medication against a person will.

VICTOR services can be procured directly out of contract through police officers or healthcare professionals, these services are often remunerated by their respective NHS trust or ICB. However, we recommend organisations speak to VICTOR to put in place a service level agreement where KPI’s and information management reporting can be set up as part of a formal contract.

There are different charging models for VICTOR depending on whether organisations in formal contract with VICTOR. Please speak to a member or our team to discuss our service and charging options.

While traditional emergency services are equipped to handle a wide range of emergencies, VICTOR is exclusively dedicated to mental health crises. We offer

Deep Expertise: We possess a comprehensive understanding of acute mental health challenges, enabling us to approach each situation with knowledge and sensitivity. Our teams undergo rigorous training specifically tailored to mental health, ensuring they can handle even the most unpredictable behaviours.
Specialised Equipment: Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to de-escalate mental health episodes whilst keeping patients, staff and carers.
Complementary Role: We work alongside traditional emergency services, offering them support and allowing them to better allocate their resources to other urgent needs.

In essence, VICTOR bridges the gap between general emergency response and the specialised care needed for mental health crises.

We believe in regular training, to keep our team up to date with best practice and ensure the maximum level of skill an expertise. That’s why all our staff will be enjoy specialist training a minimum of four times a year.

Training includes:
First Response Emergency Care Level 3 (FREC3)
Mental Health Awareness
Safeguarding Adults and Children
Crisis Intervention and Support, including Negotiation Tactics
Advanced Control and Restraint, including Person Removal
Violent Person Tactics, including advanced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Railway Safety Awareness

VICTOR teams can respond to urgent calls using their emergency lights and sirens to alter other road users to safely give way to them. The actual response time will vary depending on the distance between the incident location and the nearest VICTOR team.

VICTOR collaborates closely with the police, NHS, and ambulance services to provide specialised crisis response and support for individuals experiencing acute mental health crises. Here’s how VICTOR works in collaboration with these entities: Assisting in mental health related incidents, Reducing pressures on front-line services by responding to urgent mental health related incidents, Supporting 135 warrants and 136 transfers, Delivering safer working environments for healthcare workers, providing welfare-checks following calls of concern.

The cost associated with calling VICTOR can vary depending on several factors, including the specific services required, the location of the incident, and the terms of any existing contracts or agreements with VICTOR or the organisation that employs VICTOR’s services. It’s important to note that VICTOR typically provides specialised crisis response services, which may be contracted or commissioned by various organisations, such as NHS trusts or Integrated Care Boards or other private organisations.

VICTOR services are available to any organisation in the UK. If you are interested in procuring VICTOR services in your area, please contact a member of our team.