Urgent and Emergency Responses to mental health related incidents

We relieve the pressures on front-line services responding to people in crisis and with acute mental illness, across the UK

We are part of Secure24

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(Violence Intervention and Crisis Threat Operational Response)

Safeguard those in crisis,
staff and public

Deliver the right care to vulnerable people

Alleviate the strain on front-line resources

Right Care, Right Person response to Mental Health Risks and Crises

Facing acute mental health crises, our emergency services can often find themselves stretched beyond their speciality, leading to increased stress and heightened risk for everyone involved. VICTOR provides the ‘Right Care, Right Person’ solution, delivering critical support with its specialised care.

We offer a tailored response, alleviating the strain on frontline services and ensuring individuals in crisis receive the focused attention they need.

Introducing VICTOR

Providing right care, right person responses to people in crisis or with acute mental health illness, our trained teams are dedicated to supporting front-line services.

Mental health incidents can be complex, often involving unpredictable or violent behaviours. We combine risk management, empathy, specialised personnel, and cutting-edge safety equipment to handle and de-escalate challenging mental health scenarios effectively.

Each call to VICTOR brings us closer to a UK where every mental health incident is met with…


Trained. Equipped. Ready…

Our Right Care, Right Person response when you need it.

  • Violent Person Situations
  • Suicide Crisis Intervention
  • Support for staff facing challenging behaviour
  • Section 136 and 135 (1) and (2)
  • Safeguarding your staff
  • Secure ambulance transport

Urgent response

When the situation is urgent, VICTOR can be your first response.

We specialise in attending difficult situations that carry a potential risk to you or others around you, including:

  • challenging or violent behaviour in bedded facilities,
  • Police 135 and 136 needs
  • possible suicide incidents and other crisis threats.

We provide the necessary interventions to establish safety and stability and can securely transport individuals to places of safety and remain with them to facilitate a smooth transition to healthcare professionals.

Planned response

  • Moving or medicating an individual likely to exhibit challenging or violent behaviour?
  • Need support executing a Section 135 (1) or (2) warrant?

VICTOR teams undergo specialised training and are equipped with cutting-edge safety equipment and PPE designed for the safe management of situations involving violent persons and other threats.

When planning for challenging scenarios, reduce the risk of potential injuries by working with VICTOR to ensure the highest level of care.

Vital support for healthcare professionals and those in crisis with our urgent response to mental health-related incidents

Here’s how it works:

Step 1



Contact our call centre, who understand the challenges and risks you may be facing. They will dispatch a VICTOR team to your location and support you.

Step 2


a specialist response

Be reassured that you or your staff will be well supported. VICTOR will provide the appropriate intervention to manage the situation safely.

Step 3


all those involved

VICTOR will reduce the risk of harm or injury, Individuals in crisis or with acute mental illness will receive the specialist care they need.

Dedicated Responders to Mental Health Related Incidents

We’re here to support:

NHS and Private Mental Health

Working hand in hand with NHS and Private mental health hospitals we’ll ensure that both patients and healthcare professionals are safe during mental health incidents.

Police and British Transport Police

Assisting officers to respond to mental health incidents, ensuring the wellbeing of patients while preserving police hours and resources.

Ambulance Trusts

Every health worker deserves protection from harm, and every patient in crisis deserves Right Care, Right Person response.

Integrated Care Boards

Ensuring ICBs, have the resources to respond to mental health incidents across the health care spectrum.

“Safe Hands for Our Patients and Staff”

Our team were struggling to cope with violent behaviour exhibited by people with acute mental health needs. The team at VICTOR are highly skilled at de-escalating even the most volatile of situations with calmness and compassion. When we call VICTOR, we have the confidence that our patients and our staff are in safe hands.

A Happy Customer,

NHS responder