Who VICTOR Supports

Here at VICTOR, our specialist teams provide urgent responses to mental health-related incidents in both the community and healthcare facilities. We also support secure transport services for mental health patients throughout the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing advanced safety interventions and compassionate care to those who need it most. 

When challenging situations require urgent care, we’re on hand to provide rapid, specialist, and compassionate assistance to individuals experiencing acute mental health crises and to support the professionals who care for them. 

Throughout our work, we support a wide range of individuals, teams, and institutions. Where resources are under increased pressure, VICTOR is there to deliver the support that’s needed by adopting the Right Person, Right Care approach for mental health-related incidents and secure mental health patient transport.

Keep reading below to learn more about who we support and the specific roles we’re able to provide.


We aim to bridge the gap between policing and mental health needs.

Offering our Right Care, Right Person response, VICTOR supports the police force in responding to and managing mental health-related incidents, allowing police officers to return to their front-line policing duties faster and alleviating the sustained pressure that arises from responding to such incidents.

Last year, it was reported that police in England were dealing with increased demands to intervene with people suffering mental health crises. Officers in Suffolk recorded an increase of mental health requests by 342%, Norfolk by 260%, and Leicestershire by 54%.

Additionally, the Bedfordshire police force began charging the NHS for the time their officers spent on unnecessary mental health calls. It was reported that the county’s police officers spent over 53,000 hours dealing with mental health crises, which is the equivalent of losing 23 full-time police officers from the work they should be doing instead.

By partnering with VICTOR, police services can safely step back from responding to incidents involving mental health crises, ensuring the safety of both individuals in distress and the healthcare professionals supporting them.

The benefits for the police include:

  • Allowing officers to concentrate on core public safety duties.
  • Minimising unnecessary police attendance to non-life-threatening mental health situations.
  • Streamlining Section 135 and 136 procedures.

The benefits for the individual include:

  • Minimising the perception of criminalisation.
  • Ensuring the individual’s safety through state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Providing an informed and empathetic approach with our knowledgeable professionals. 

VICTOR should be called to aid the police in responding to potential suicide incidents, to assist the police in executing Section 135 warrants, to provide support for the police following Section 136 detentions, and to aid in conducting welfare checks following calls of concern. 

Ambulance Trusts

We stand shoulder to shoulder with ambulance staff, providing vital support and safeguarding staff to ensure patients receive the Right Care, Right Person approach they need.

NHS ambulance staff are often thrust into mental health emergencies without the training or specialist equipment they need to help manage the conflicts and minimise the potential physical risks.

Because of this, ambulance staff are regularly diverted away from the critical work they should be doing. Enter VICTOR.

We provide vital support for healthcare professionals and those in crisis with our urgent response to mental health-related incidents.

The benefits of partnering with VICTOR include:

VICTOR should be called when immediate response to 999 calls is required. VICTOR is on standby to respond to mental health incidents and relieve emergency ambulances from attending these to allow them to return to clinical emergencies.

On top of this, if ambulance staff encounter threats or potential attacks, trained VICTOR personnel can swiftly arrive at the scene to offer essential support. We’re on hand to manage immediate risks and prioritise the safety of all involved. 

NHS and Private Mental Hospitals

Every health worker deserves safety from harm.

VICTOR is here to provide specialist support to the NHS and private mental health hospital staff so challenging incidents can be dealt with safely, thus minimising the risk of injuries.

We help to create a safer environment for psychiatric in-patient bedded facilities, assessment areas, and emergency departments. Some of the times when we are on hand to help include:

  • When staff have to deal with violent or threatening behaviour caused by those experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • If the fear of being subject to an attack is damaging staff morale and mental health.
  • If teams have to respond to incidents without the appropriate PPE to help keep them safe.

VICTOR should be called if:

  • Your staff feel threatened or face attacks. VICTOR’s trained team are on hand to de-escalate the situation safely and ensure the patient receives the essential care they need.
  • Patient interventions are likely to be met with violence or aggression. 

VICTOR helps create a safer environment where staff feel confident and able to do their work without the risk of harm.

Integrated Care Boards

Integrated Care Boards are at the heart of ensuring both high-quality and effective healthcare delivery. By utilising the Right Care, Right Person approach, they aim to create a safe environment for emergency mental health care.

However, the rise in mental health crises leading to assaults on healthcare staff, coupled with the police force reducing their attendance to these issues, poses a daunting challenge for Integrated Care Boards.

It doesn’t have to be this way. VICTOR helps to ensure individuals experiencing mental health crises receive the specialised support they need.

The benefits of partnering with VICTOR include:

  • Ensuring individuals in crisis receive the help they need when they need it.
  • Creating a safer environment for staff by reducing the number of attacks.
  • Improving the productivity and efficiency of frontline emergency staff to allow them to optimise their focus on critical medical situations.

Each VICTOR team member is trained in mental health crisis management by College of Policing trainers and crisis intervention experts. Our staff and vehicles are equipped to provide urgent response to those in crisis across the UK, and with our remote Control and Dispatch teams, support is available to be dispatched promptly. 

We’re ready to respond to the needs of those in crisis, wherever they may be and however much help they need.

If you need to contact us, you can do so by calling 0330 320 1159 or emailing