How Does VICTOR Differ from Our Emergency Services?

Our emergency services are equipped to handle a wide range of situations across the UK. Front-line services include, and are not limited to, the NHS, Police, Fire and Rescue, Coastguard, and Mental Health services.

The roles of these front-line services are often aligned, as are the skills required to take on roles within them. The professionals who wear these uniforms demonstrate strong communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team and independently. They are confident, able to operate in high-pressure situations, possess problem-solving skills, have a true sense of personal responsibility, and want to help and support others.

Like those mentioned above, VICTOR operators must possess the same skills, and our objectives and goals are aligned. However, VICTOR is specifically designed to dispatch urgent and emergency responses to mental health-related incidents, supporting people who find themselves in crisis and responding to healthcare professionals who are faced with increased risks exhibited by those in their care. 

Our urgent responses, a viable alternative to police and emergency ambulance crews, can alleviate the pressure on emergency workers across the UK, reducing police and ambulance hours through our professional risk management of those in crisis or with mental health illnesses. VICTOR interventions increase workplace safety for healthcare professionals and mental health patients in the community and bedded facilities.

Every healthcare worker deserves protection from harm, and every patient in crisis deserves to receive the Right Care, Right Person response. Enter VICTOR.

Keep reading to learn more about how VICTOR differs from emergency services.

Deep Expertise

Our team is comprised of highly trained and dedicated professionals who possess a comprehensive understanding of acute mental health challenges. 

This enables us to approach each situation with knowledge and sensitivity, no matter the location or individual involved. 

Our teams undergo rigorous training tailored specifically to mental health-related incidents, ensuring they can handle unpredictable behaviours through tactical and compassionate engagement.

Thanks to our specialist training sessions and experience gained, our operators are professionals in fields such as mental health awareness, crisis intervention, advanced intervention tactics, and more.

With this diverse skill set, we are equipped to handle a wide range of high-risk crises with expertise and empathy.

Specialised Equipment

VICTOR’s urgent response vehicles are equipped to handle the specific needs of all individuals, ensuring both their safety and wellbeing. 

Emergency vehicles, such as ambulances or police vehicles, are designed primarily for medical emergencies and fighting crime and do not provide the correct environment necessary for helping individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. 

Mental health crises can also present unique challenges not typically encountered in other emergencies. Because of this, our specialised vehicles feature a range of essential support equipment, including advanced PPE, rescue kits, specialised first aid, and more.

Mental health providers often have direct lines of communication with mental health facilities and hospitals. Collaborative care planning helps to put the patient at ease and minimise distress.

Our state-of-the-art equipment is designed to de-escalate mental health incidents whilst keeping patients, staff and carers safe and at ease.

Complementary Role

VICTOR is designed to work alongside emergency services and healthcare professionals, offering them support and allowing them to allocate their resources to other needs.

Emergency services are often under pressure, responding to a large number of urgent calls that don’t require emergency treatment; this includes responding to mental health-related incidents. For example, according to half of NHS ambulance services, more than four in five calls to 999 are not life-threatening.

By complementing our emergency services, VICTOR helps to ensure a holistic approach that addresses both physical and mental health needs, leading to more comprehensive care for the individual.

As a specialist mental health responder, VICTOR is equipped to offer immediate responses and support to individuals in mental health crises and healthcare professionals at risk, providing urgent and appropriate care when they need it and reducing the likelihood of challenges escalating.

Additionally, with VICTOR responding to and supporting mental health-related incidents, emergency services can focus on their primary responsibilities.

Reducing the pressures on emergency services attending mental health-related incidents can be more cost-effective in the long term by reducing hospital admissions through alternative care and support.

VICTOR is a vital support to our emergency services and healthcare professionals in delivering specialised care for mental health crises and alleviating the pressure on front-line workers, who sometimes find themselves diverted from their primary duties to respond to mental health incidents. We work alongside and support the police, ambulance services, NHS and private hospitals, and integrated care boards to help deliver the Right Care, Right Person response to those in a crisis.

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